Have what you say

About James & Marcia

Spiritual Empowerment

“By taping into the divine power greater than yourself, through your faith, you are connecting to the source of all wealth and power”

Mental Empowerment

“By raising one’s level of consciousness, and understanding of how to think, you can create the results, environment and well being of your desires”.

Financial Empowerment

“Develop the proper relationship with money. The harvest is plenty; abundance is your birthright.”

James and Marcia- HAVE WHAT YOU SAY…
The Harvest is Plenty!

This dynamic couple is dedicated to spiritual, mental, and financial empowerment. They are servant leaders with a passion for helping people succeed. Dr. James and Dr. Marcia are accomplished speakers, trainers, teaching a multitude of entrepreneurs worldwide. They continually inspire thousands of people to flourish. “Have What You Say – The Harvest is Plenty” is their most recent coaching and development series.

They’ve been featured in Success from Home magazine multiple times. Both have enjoyed accomplished corporate careers which they transitioned into successful entrepreneurship and networking. They are originally from Detroit Michigan, and currently reside in Dallas Texas. They have been happily married for over 35 years and proud parents of Baylee and Jimmy.

Dr. James Prewitt

Leadership development has been a hallmark of Dr. James who believes leaders are crafted, formed, chiseled, and molded into greatness. He is a born-again Christian and Philanthropist who has committed his life to teaching ‘abundance is your birthright and greatness is your destiny’.

Dr. James was appointed as an Ambassador by the United Nations Economic and Social Council at Large and Inter-governmental bodies.

Dr. James created a series of empowering tools, and CD series, “The Jetset Leadership Program: Developing Excellence in Yourself and Others.” He founded “Man Up” a men’s organization whose mission is rooted in Spiritually, Enterprise, Legacy, and Fellowship…S.E.L.F. He became an accomplished chef and restaurateur early in his career owning and managing multiple million-dollar locations. Dr. James received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy and Humane Letters at the University of Maryland. James has achieved a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, and business management, graduating with honors.

Dr. Marcia Prewitt


Dr. Marcia influences others to have an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness, to overcome obstacles and achieve higher levels of success. She helps individuals transition from negative thought and speech patterns to optimism for achieving the best version of themselves. She inspires the use of the law of attraction to accomplish life goals. Her mission is to spread positivity, love and good vibes that helps people be healthier, have better relationships, earn more money, and travel wise.

Dr. Marcia received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy and Humane Letters at the University of Maryland. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, she worked as a CPA in a fortune 100 Wall Street firm and big four accounting firm. Marcia graduated from University of Texas, in Arlington. Marcia began her Texas journey as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.