About James & Marcia

Spiritual Empowerment

“By taping into the divine power greater than yourself, through your faith, you are connecting to the source of all wealth and power”

Mental Empowerment

“By raising one’s level of consciousness, and understanding of how to think, you can create the results, environment and well being of your desires”.

Financial Empowerment

“Develop the proper relationship with money. The harvest is plenty; abundance is your birthright.”

James and Marcia- HAVE WHAT YOU SAY…
The Harvest is Plenty!

This dynamic couple’s journey began at a young age. After successful corporate careers in finance and accounting, they transitioned as entrepreneurs into the Ecommerce networking arena earning millionaire status. Dr James and Dr Marcia are servant leaders with a proven track record of helping others succeed. Both are accomplished speakers, trainers, teaching a multitude of entrepreneurs worldwide. They continually coach and inspire thousands of people to flourish. “Have What You Say – The Harvest is Plenty” is their creed and motto to live by. While leading a happy healthy lifestyle, they are dedicated to cultivating spiritual, mental, and financial empowerment.